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Lexi Ostrow

Making Worlds Collide

Les Vaporistes
Hot Ink Press
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Features: Demon In Steam
(Alliance of Silver and Steam book 0.5)
Tales of the Fairy

Features: Fairy Rules- The rules aren't meant to be broken

Bella has been a proper fairy her whole life. For twenty years she's followed every rule and duty bound her to her. Until she finds herself attracted to a human male and gets him hurt by her betrothed, She must choose between following the rules and following her heart to save the human male.

Darkness Rules-Darkness starts in the soul
Elerin's had his world ripped out from under him. Bella's betrayal brings out the darkness within him and none will be safe from his quest for revenge. 

Cogs in Time 2

Steamworks Ink

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Features: The Stormling's Invention (Stormling Chronicles book 1)

When lightening strikes without thunder, a Stormling is born.

Twenty years ago, 1856, a storm like no other hit the world and when it ended nothing was the same. A storm that would alter the course of history. Powers arose in individuals; lightening, soul raising, and telekinesis among others. These people were called The Stormlings. 

Mia and Jase are Stormling's contracted to crack the code of time travel so that they might be able to control wars and outcomes in history that the British Parliament disliked. But time travel isn't all it seems and when the two find themselves bouncing around with no control, they wind up in the heart of The Great Storm and a race against time to get home.

Naughty Bedtime Stories: First Taste


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Features: Irish Sweets
Because baking sweets isn't all sugar and spice

Summary- Rissa Pembly is no a risk taker. Shy and reserved she makes the leap of a lifetime purchasing a pastry shop in Kilkenny Ireland.

Kieran O'Donnell is fresh off a medical leave with Interpol and not looking for anything but a new case when he spies the sexy American.

What will happen when Rissa and Kieran find themselves alone in her bakery during a beautiful Irish Storm?



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Features: Cyber Match

Matthew Cobral is CEO of the hottest company on the web, Cyber Room. Cyber Room finds sexual compatibility through cyber encounters instead of looking for a personality match. Matthew has been successful in everything but finding love for himself. He's never been tempted by his clients. Until Virginia. 

Virginia has been alone for three years, since her husband passed away. She'd never looked for love in person or on online. Until she heard about Cyber Room. While the conservative in her is nervous, she's ready to move and jumps into all Cyber Room offers.

When Matthew sees her profile he does the one thing he'd sworn he'd never do, use his company for personal gain. But when a cyber session goes awry, will Virginia still want the person on the other side of the screen.

Fractured Fairy Tales

Features: Raise
Sela has been left out her whole life despite being the youngest sibling the infamous trio of fairy godmother's that raised Aurora and helped Philip rescue the kingdom. Her sisters never had time for her and it had left her to grow up cold and unfeeling. Until she meets Alric and suddenly she feels. 

Alric de Genise is second in command to Prince Philip and has no problem fighting off the evil that lurks. But when he find a beautiful woman laying injured in the forest he's taken by her and cannot figure out why. Against Philip's judgement he takes her back to the castle.

A dangerous bargain to raise the spirit of an evil enchantress gets out of control and who will be the one to stop it?

Tales of the Fairy Vol II

Steamworks Ink

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Features: Clockwork Wings

tagline: On the wings of a fairy, the world could be saved.

Blurb: The Darkness has spread over London, over the world. There may be no hope for humankind, except in a small fairy. A fairy that has merged with the heart of time and has wings like a clock and powers she could never imagine.

Mystical Bites


August 24, 2015

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Features: Devious Magic

Zarana was once the Enchantress of Tarendel. Until she failed in a mission that was bigger than any other she'd ever been assigned.  The King banished her, but sent his men to track her down and kill her anyway. Hurt to turns anger and Zarana wants nothing more than to take the kindgom down.

Xarl was one a revered Wizard. Now, he lived in squalor and spent his time raiding the great kingdom in an attempt to find a way to take it down. A stroke of luck lands the Prince dead and Zarana at his doorstep.

A plan to devious to fail sets the pair up with a dragon in a battle for final control over Tarendel. But what will be left standing after they are done? Who will be left standing? 

Night of the Demon Volume 1


October 16,2016

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Features: Crossed

Harper's life has taken an unavoidable turn, and her younger siblings will suffer if she doesn't crawl her way out. Desperation leads her to seek out something a sane person would deem fake — a Crossroads Demon.

Easton's family has been striking deals and taking souls since the dawn of time. It's all in a days work for the sexy Crossroads Demon.

But when Harper succeeds in calling Easton forth, they're in for a mind-blowing deal that will be sealed with much more than a handshake.

Night of the Demon Volume 2


November 20,2016

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Features: Skinwalk

Noel is different than other DIB agents — she's part skinwalker and part witch. She's never fit in with the special agents tasked with stopping demons from destroying humanity, but it's either join or be killed for her half blood nature.

Jack got the wakeup call of his life when he stumbled upon the mayor of Las Vegas dead in a hotel room and another woman that looked just like her shifting into something else. With no option but a mind wipe, he seeks to seduce the sexy witch doing it in order to escape.

A shift in focus leaves Noel and Jack linked in an unescapeable way. They'll have to get paste their differences in order to do their jobs.

Cogs in Time 3

Release Date: October 7, 2015

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Features: Steam Trinkets (poem)