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Lexi Ostrow

Making Worlds Collide


Release date: May 4, 2015

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Bridget O’Casey has dreamed of being a cop since she was a little girl. Unfortunately, her father didn’t want taking up his dangerous line of work. College was a bust and she found herself a successful model. Until her father was gunned down outside a local cop bar and her passion for following in his footsteps was reignited. She wanted revenge for his death and she felt joining the academy was the only way to properly do so. A night of partying before the biggest change her life could spell disaster when she finds out who the deadly handsome man was.

Jeremy Trellins is a high profile detective known for being perfect. When things got slightly out of control during a chase he was put on academy duty — something he wants less than nothing to do with. Finding out the woman he slept with the night before was one of the recruits was just the icing on the cake of his mistakes. Working side by side with her presents a problem, and he’s torn between desire and duty.

When a series of targeted shootings rock Southern California police stations the academy buckles down, deciding to push forward with training versus shutting down. Bridget will have to find a way to balance training, a not so secret relationship that could damage two careers and a killer that appears to have his sites set on her.

What the Steam Brings

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Release date: May 4, 2015

When the mages stepped out of the shadows the only way to deal with them was war. And war meant loss.

Isabella gained much in the world the mage’s opened up to London. The mage’s created things beyond their imaginations, some with magic, and others with steam. However, she lost the only thing that mattered—her husband.

When able to use a kindness from the mage guild, she does not hesitate to bring Tristan back for one final steamy encounter.

The Client

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Release Date: June 10, 2016

Charles, a top-notch lawyer, is known for defending criminals and getting them off without a hitch. Steven is a rich and rising to the top entrepreneur that has been falsely accused of embezzlement. An accusation that will destroy him if he can't get Charles to take his case.

There's something about Steven that appeals to Charles, something that makes him act of the ordinary and take the rather boring man on as his client. Trouble is, when they meet to discuss term,s the case is the last thing on their mind — and the only thing that either should care about.


(From the Fractured Fairy Tales anthology)

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Release Date: July 5, 2016

Sela has been left out her whole life despite being the youngest sibling the infamous trio of fairy godmother's that raised Aurora and helped Philip rescue the kingdom. Her sisters never had time for her and it had left her to grow up cold and unfeeling. Until she meets Alric and suddenly she feels.

Alric de Genise is second in command to Prince Philip and has no problem fighting off the evil that lurks. But when he find a beautiful woman laying injured in the forest he's taken by her and cannot figure out why. Against Philip's judgement he takes her back to the castle.

A dangerous bargain to raise the spirit of an evil enchantress gets out of control and who will be the one to stop it?

Amongst the Fae

(From Tales of the Fairy Anthology)

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Release Date: January 19, 2017

Enter the world of the fae with two interconnected short stories.

Features: Fairy Rules- The rules aren't meant to be broken

Bella has been a proper fairy her whole life. For twenty years she's followed every rule and duty bound her to her. Until she finds herself attracted to a human male and gets him hurt by her betrothed, She must choose between following the rules and following her heart to save the human male.

Darkness Rules-Darkness starts in the soul
Elerin's had his world ripped out from under him. Bella's betrayal brings out the darkness within him and none will be safe from his quest for revenge.