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Hexed and Dangerous . . .

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2018 was committed to boxsets to gain new friends and readers. I loved it so much I couldn't help but throw my name into the hat of authors for  just one for the 2019 year! So without furtherado, I am happy to announce I have a story in the upcoming set Socercy and Shadows! Check out this beauty and grab your preorder for just 99¢ here!

Remember in 2017 when I attempted to launch Hexed in New Orleans series but ran out of time because the characters demanded a full lentth novel instead of a novella? Well, I'm happy to announce that project is my focus for 2019 and it will kick off with a prequel novel that sets up the brand new paranormal vs human world.

While I'm not doing a cover reveal just yet, I want to introduce you the story early - because I'm typing away and these characters are so much fun.

Hexed and Dangerous

A Hexed in New Orleans Prequel


The world is awake – vampires, witches, werewolves and more are real and outed in the human community. Fear runs deep, and a set of rules instituted by a small council are all that holds a fragile balance.


Ivy Lancaster knows the rules. Be prepared, be efficient and get out. That didn’t make going to council meetings more enjoyable. As the Witch Elect, she had far better ways to help her community stay at peace with humans than sitting on monthly board meetings. Too bad the Council of Supernaturals didn’t care.


One thing makes the meetings bearable.


Elijah Vikander has no love for the Council of Supernaturals. He was alpha, wolves answered to him, he didn’t answer to others. He could stop going, force the wolves to elect a beta member of the Crescent Pack, but then he couldn’t see the enchanting off-limits witch.


When a group of warlocks threaten to tear the proclamation down and take over the city, pairings are made to track and take the men down. Ivy and Elijah are forced into a coupling that will either destroy their worlds, or save the humans.

Once Hexed Twice Shy is a fantastic book 1, but the series needed something extra - the world grew so large I needed a way to introduce readers to it before I dropped them into the craziness of a hexed witch and her ex-boyfriend cop. What will this novel have? Secret romance, time travel and a curse that could end the whole world. Stay tuned for the cover reveal and a sneak peak coming soon!

What's Your Word?

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I’m not really a resolutions kind of gal. I think they’re wonderful, but I want to live life to the best and make the best changes for myself all the time – not because I randomly got an idea and wrote it down. However, I keep seeing people talking about words they’ve selected to live by, and I think that sounds like a wonderful new thing to try. So here goes . . .

For 2019, my word to live by is VISIBILITY.

I feel invisible on a daily basis. Not in a depressed variety, but in an actual “I don’t think I’m noticed” way. On social media, my posts are often left ignored – giveaway posts where I’m offering something free for just writing “yes” or something of that nature. Yes, not everyone is going to engage with every post, but when I see others with multiple entries, lots of engagement and fun social media following, it gets to be a bummer. It lends to making me feel invisible.

I’m always on my author account. I post, I share, I engage on other people’s posts. Yes, I have an author one because I write under my maiden name and wanted a place for my readers to engage with me beyond my page. I wanted an account where I could use my married name as well because most people I meet in my day-to-day know me as Lexi Bissonnette, not Lexi Ostrow. Even still, on my profile, if I post book-related stuff, out of over 1000 friends, maybe three are interested in what I have to say.

I send newsletters that are almost 100% unopened – even when the subject line indicates I’m giving something away for free. No, I don’t spam. I send one out every Sunday – which I note on the sign-up form. I tweet with little to no engagement, and my Instagram is largely a vast empty void.

Yet, even with FB algorithms, I don’t seem to be the fun person that people want to engage with or the author anyone is interested in getting free reads from. Now, this isn’t a pity post, it’s me explaining where my word to live by came from. Yes, it’s of course possible I’m boring, and my books suck – but I’d like to hop it’s not that.

So in 2019, I’m going to focus on making myself more visible. More Facebook engagement, back on the blogging train – because I say that every year I’m going to be more accountable this time – more teaming up with other authors whether it’s box sets, release parties or something entirely new and finally, more time with readers at events.

Did you make it this far through my borderline whine/rant? If so, I want to start your new year off with a free read! Any ebook from my list, you name it and email [email protected], and it’s yours!

Happy New Year’s Eve – now comment here, what’s your word to hold yourself to for 2019?


How much do you love the Vampire Diaries?

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I know it's been . . . well . . . forever! I'm truly sorry for that and bummed I did so well with my resolution to blog for 4nearly 5 months and than failed. Hopefully you're following me on Facebook or Instagram so you've been seeing all the awesomeness! Or maybe you haven't, but want to be more connected and join my street team? Think teasers, free books and giveaways, all for hanging out with little old me.

Regardless, I decided I needed to do a nice beefed up newsletter to share off not only my cover, but every cover in the Bennett Witch Chronicles Kindle World! Are you ready? Hello, readers . . . 


Bonnie Bennett has finally finished her trip around the world to “find herself”, only to realize that where she’s always belonged is Mystic Falls - and returning home was as eventful as ever. Immediately thrown into the search for Caroline’s girls, the pair find themselves in the Crescent City with none other than the Mikaelsons.


While there a witch offers her everything she’s ever wanted - Enzo. All Bonnie has to do is a small bit of magic that she’s promised won’t unleash hell, sirens or anything else her past self has already extinguished. There is a cost, but the witch won’t share until Bonnie agrees to help the Big Easy with its current debacle.


Nothing is ever without a cost, but life with Enzo is more than Bonnie can walk away from. Bonnie faces her hardest decision yet, and her choice could be New Orleans’ undoing.



I'm super excited to share my first newsletter ever around The Vampire Diaries! I read this series when I was in 8th grade. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't say I feel in love. There were many cliche pitfalls, and it was also a young adult novel; and by 8th grade I was typically snuggling down with Sherrilyn Kenyon or Susan Sizemore's adult romances. Did you read the books and love them? My personal LJ Smith favorite was The Forbidden Game - I still fantasy cast that book with myself and friends when I'm bored (shh don't tell!)


Cue almost 10 years later when the TV show came out. I wasn't sold. Sure the casting seemed good, but nothing was WOWing me. Still, I'm one of those people that have to watch a show (or read a book series) until the end. So I kept watching. Episode after episode I was falling more and more in love with the world brought to life on the screen. I couldn't help but see a little of myself in Caroline and Elena; a more subdued mix, but a mix nonetheless. By season 2 I was hooked. I had my favorites, my couples to ship and I just kept watching. Now, I would be lying if I didn't state right here and now, that my ultimate couple is Caroline and Klaus. I loved Elena and Damon, and hated Caroline and Stephen. So where did Bonnie fit in?


Honestly, she was kind of not on my radar as a character that mattered. Not until Enzo stepped in the and became what he was at the end of the show. I was swept off my feet the moment he looked at Bonnie with more love in his eyes than I've ever thought possible from an actor to an actress. My heart hurt every time he was taken away from her, and slowly, she became the character to root for. Over and over her life and loves were stolen. I didn't want to see it happen again with Enzo. Well, if you're interested in the Kindle World Series that takes place after the show, I don't have to tell you that I for one, DESPISED their ending. So in my story, The Crescent City, there's a little peek at what my home city, New Orleans, can offer Bonnie Bennett just when she thinks she doesn't need anything.

WANT MORE? Keep scrolling!

With her magic restored, her best friends living happily ever after together as humans,
and the love of her life waiting patiently for her on the other side,
Bonnie Bennett is not going to just sit around and let her life pass her by.

She’s off to see the world!

Join Bonnie as she journeys around the globe,
encountering supernaturals in the most unexpected of places.  













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Now that the shock has worn off . . .

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Who am I kidding? The shock has absolutely NOT worm off, and I'm totally okay with that. After a morning of refreshing the list over and over, yesterday around noon CST I saw the most amazing post in my box set group. 
I hadn't even read any further - my heart stopped pounding and I am not even sure I was breathing. I didn't get even to check the post myself because I saw this pop up before I could look away from the screen:

BOOM! Just like that, I was a USA Today Bestselling Author. I'd love to say I took this professionally. That would be the biggest lie I've ever told. I jumped out of my office chair and went shouting "We did it! We did it! We did it!" all the way up the stairs.By the time I reached my room at the top of the stairs Aidan (my 11 month old) was sitting up giggling and grinning like a loon. I picked him up and tossed him a little like he loves while still chanting and he just kee grinning and laughing. That moment with him, seeing him so happy purely because I was, was almost better than the list. Almost. 

I was so blessed to be invited to work in the boxset, but even more blessed with the friendships that were made along the way. 19 other women and I share a bond that will never be broken, and a friendship that was only made stronger by the news of all our hard work and countless effort paying off in the most wonderful of ways. We've talked non-stop, celebrated and been generally glued to conversations together more so than before it happened.

So what am I doing now? I'm getting ready to do a HUGE sale on my books. To be the first to know about it, sign up for my newsletter. There's much more coming from me this year, and I feel this amazing honor only solidified my drive to turn out the best work possible. So keep sticking with me on this journey! My next solo release is June 25, 2017 and it's the next book in my Guaridans series, Forgotten Worlds. I'm so excited to give you Jameson's story - because he hasn't shut up since I met him when I was in 7th grade!

See you all soon!



Shifting Around

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Hello there! It's been quite a long month. I'm sorry I've been so quiet, but there was a ton of decisions to make and things to set in motion in order to bring my works back into the world. Plus, I had a brand new release last month (check it out!). While it is a slow process and absolutely no content changes are occuring, each book from previous publisher is getting a polish and sign from tightening my grammar to shiny new formatting. Slowly but surely they will all be live before the end of April 2017.

Which brings me to the point of this post - release dates. I know, I know, I teased you with this epically long list a few months ago. Unfortunately, that list is going to shrink and some dates will change. This is because I want to dedicate my time to the cleaning up and republishing of past novels before moving onto new books in those series. Without further ado, here is the new and improved release schedule for the remainder of 2017!

April 18 - "Something Borrowed" in Wedding Dreams Anthology (" target="_blank">Preorder it now)

May 29 - Forgotten Worlds (Guardians book 4)

Summer - "Last Summer" featured in The Summer of Us Anthology

Fall - High Heat antholgoy featuring "Rise of Silver & Steam"

October 23 - Paranormal box set featuring a secret project 

November 20 - Disrupting the Steam (Alliance of Silver & Steam book 6)

December 3 - The Christmas Pup (A standalone m/m novel)

I'm super excited to dive back into existing series and write a handful of anthology projects for the upcoming year. It's a wonderful experience broadening my wings with anthologies after so much time away from collaborating with other authors on them. I know I cut out a Christmas novel and an In Service short, but I hope you'll forgive me for that as it's best for the quality if I don't overdo my release schedule since at this point (gasp) only 2 of those projects are complete! ;)

Thank you to everyone for sticking by my side as I made a huge change, went silent for almost a month and started picking myself up and getting back together after the sad task of leaving an amazing publisher to explore self publishing.



Announcements Galore!

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I skipped writing the blog last week because I knew I had big things to discuss this week - and really - I had no idea what to write about as my creative juices were on a vacation while I took care of Aidan during his second cold (which we actually found out today was just a nose virus, but it was still so rough to see him all congested and suffering). I promise, this blog is a wallop of information coming at you to make up for it!

I'm going to start with the small annoncement to build up the anticipation for a monstrous sized one! I have a fun new author logo! A little bit ago I'd expressed how I wanted to create a fun and quirky logo that represented me, if not all of my novels. I knew this was going to be rough since I play in so many diffent subgenres in the romance world. My tagline "Making Worlds Collide" fits all my novels, but I knew a logo designed to reflect me specifically would not. I'd been trying to figure out how to have a steampunk octopus holding a book with my logo and tagline properly written out. Well, the amazing Nancy Colbert of Colbert Creative came to rescue. Say hello to Theo! I love him to bits and am so excited to put him on pretty things!

Now for the really big announcement. I have parted ways with CHBB Publishing and imprint family. It was a very hard decision, and I am so honored and grateful to the woman and company who gave me my dream of being a published author. I will, as I did before being signed, continue to support them from the sidelines and cheer on my amazing friends and wonderful authors no matter what. I know the house will continue to go onto amazing things.

What does it mean for me? It means that starting in a few days, my CHBB published titles will not be availble for a period of time. My Februray 25th planned release of Prison Drop is pushed back slightly to make certain my books are down first so I do not break the In Service contract. After that, I will be deciding what to do on a case by case basis with my series books - though I'm more than positive I will take the self publishing route rather than shop previously published titles to agents and publishing houses as I know it is a long shot and I'd prefer to only show fresh works.

Thank you to everyone at CHBB for all their supprot and the chance at my dream. Thank you to all my readers for falling in lvoe with my worlds and I hope you will all stick with over the next month or so while I make my way into the self publishing world full time. I'm grateful for every step of this journey that began with an acceptance letter in Febrary of 2014 and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me as I turn to this new page.

Keep up to date with everything on my author page and I'll see you all on the other side in just a few months!

I love a good series

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By now, I'm sure you all know that I love to write series'. I love the way a world can come together book after book and continue to thrive. Getting to play in a world that is already functioning allows me to focus a little more on the story and little less on the world building each time. Plus, I love getting to see my favorite characters reappear in each book. Whether it's Dale or Ciara in the Guardians or Lucius or Kellan in the Alliance, the characters are always there, adding an additional layer to the story. Not to mention the entire DeMarco clan can be found elaborately celebrating the holidays in each Christmas Wish book. Maybe it just means I have a problem letting go, but I can't help it!


See what I mean?

Lucius in Angels in Steam

Trench Coat in Worlds on Fire

For me, it's like coming home to an old friend. Especially because I hope from series to series while I write. It's extremely rare that I will get to sit with a series for two books in a row. So, reoccurring characters really help ground me. They provide a support system of sorts allowing me to sink back into a world I've abandoned for just a short time. Of course, there are some characters *cough* Lucius, who occasionally try to steal the show. I can't think of a single Alliance book where Lucius doesn't have the best one-liner or a heroic moment in the story that rivals the hero. It's just who he is, and try as I might, I can't keep him down.

Writing Forgotten Worlds is a very fun world for me. Torn Between Two Worlds featured a world similar to the "real world" but with angels, demons and of course, the four horsemen . . . or at least their apprentices. While writing it, Jameson would not leave me alone. In fact, I had to cut quite a few scenes of his out, because I felt his humor and wit would outshine the brooding alpha male that Stryder was. I've always loved Stryder, as I invented him when I was in seventh grade to be my protector, but I knew readers might not feel the same. So, I told Jameson if he promised to hush, he would get a book of his own somehow. Within hours I had the plot for Forgotten Worlds, and Jameson piped down for the final few chapters of Torn Between Two Worlds. 

Now I'm a good bit into Forgotten Worlds I'm shocked to say how familiar Jameson is. I can't figure out if someone in my life resembles the quicker keeper of pestilence, or if I just want them too. His level of snark grew, and his romantic side shows in a way that I hadn't anticipated, but it is making me slowly question which Horsemen is better? Curious to see what I mean, here's a sneak peak of Forgotten Worlds, coming in April from Hot Ink Press.

Jameson literally kicked rocks when his older brother jokingly told him too. Smirking, he crossed his arms over his chest. “Careful what you say, brother.”

Demarcus snorted, his eyes glowed briefly, the threat noted. “Have you ever not been a smartass? I mean in our entire centuries of existence, has there been a single, solitary moment where you didn’t have a comeback?”

Grinning wider he shook his head. “Absolutely not.”

“Fitting he’s paired with Pestilence, isn’t it?” Stryder chuckled before taking a sip of his beer. “Pest suits you nicely, Jameson.”

Yawning tiredly, he patted his mouth to emphasize his boredom. “Really? Three thousand years have passed since you started that, and yet, it’s still the best you’ve got.”

Ciara snorted, shrugging her shoulders when Stryder narrowed his eyes at her. “Sorry, but he’s not wrong. You aren’t just all muscle, but you’re fairly small-minded when it comes to arguing or quips.”

Stryder shifted, casually bumping Ciara from his lap to the floor. “Careful, mate. You’re powerless now, best not to stir the demon.”

Jameson couldn’t help but laugh when Ciara rolled her eyes. The human female had a fire all her own, and she wasn’t afraid to go head-to-head with the second in command to the Horseman of War. Which was likely because Stryder would sever his own head from his shoulders before raising a finger to his mate.

His mate. Jameson thought wistfully for about the millionth time. Looking around the large living room he couldn’t help but give into the stab of guilt wracking through him. His life was as bizarre as they come, and that was putting it mildly.

Until about three years he had no idea there was anything strange going on, then in walked Ciara Miller. To say life had blown the fuck up was the biggest understatement ever. Thanks to the beautiful female mated to his barely older brother, Stryder, they had all learned they were characters in a book.

Talk about impossible to wrap someone’s mind around. Jameson had thought it was a giant crock of shit until he’d met the woman right before an attack had happened. Ciara had been something known as a Word Speaker, a human gifted with the ability to draw life from stories. The purpose? Supposedly to fight in some grand-scale war for good and evil. Guardians were assigned to the Word Speakers through what was allegedly just attraction. He didn’t understand it himself, but the minute Ciara had appeared there had been no denying anything. Not to mention Stryder’d had the privilege of seeing the truth for himself.

It had shaken up everything, especially when Ciara had chosen to forsake everything to be with Stryder in this . . . book world. Life had apparently continued to move along because a Word Speaker had taken up residence in the book and her gifts had been so powerful, she could walk through the worlds. Since then, everything had been even more topsy-turvy.

For about six weeks Jameson had feared every action he took was predestined and written in a book. He’d been ecstatic waiting for his mate, practically sleeping with anything with a skirt in an attempt to find her, wondering if his story had been written yet. With Ciara keeping their world spinning even without the story being read, none of them had any idea how a new story would play out. Then, news had come that Ciara’s moving to the world had caused the author to die – because she’d come into Stryder’s life and made it so a book could not be written for him. Tragedy aside, it had apparently left Jameson without a story of his own, without a mate of his own.

“Nothing to say?” Fasheem smirked from where he stood against the far wall. “Jameson?”

Shaking his head, he forced himself back into the moment. “Sorry, casualty of having boring siblings, you tune out easily.”

“Hey, some of us are far from boring!” Ciara protested with a smile.

Ciara, whatever did you start, human female?

“Well, not enough for this demon. Anyone need a refill? I need something stronger than beer if I’m going to spend the entire afternoon with the lot of you.” Grinning he waited, and when no one had a request, he left to head for the kitchen.

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Stuck in a rut?

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This week's blog might seem a little bit down in the dumps - it's not meant to be. In fact, I'm actually very excited to be discussing a topic that I myself am struggling with - fanbase. With over 20 released novels, 2.5 years in the industry and plenty of interaction on my fan page, one wouldn't think that I'm having any issues, but looks can be deceiving. Just like with this post; because despite a harrowing subject, I don't let it get me down! No one should, whetheer they're an author, editor, cover artist - or any other arts creator.

I spend hours struggling to find the will to set my adorable 8-month old down and write. Why? Because it's hard to want to meet deadlines when you feel like you're all alone and not making an impact. Sales aren't everything, despite what some people think. Many authors, myself included, simply want to help readers find a few hours of blissful entertainment in the pages of books. That's what reading has always been for me and it is what I've always dreamed I acheive anytime someone reads a book, review or not, and continues to follow me on my journey. Am I doing it? Not that I can tell . . . not yet.

After 2.5 years in the writing business I have to hunt for reviewers every single book. I have to post in groups, message to bloggers and spam the request all over my social media and ya know what? I'm lucky if I can find 5 people interested in reading my book for free in exchange for posting an honest review to Amazon. Does that burn? Abso-fucking-lutely. Each time it happens I feel like burying my head in the sand. I have so many amazing supportive people that help me share around my releases, but none interested in reading them. My newsletter is pitiful, no many how many free reads or exiciting things I offer, the list never grows. (on the plus side, no one unsubscribes and my open rate is 83% woot!) My friends seem nice enough when I have a book, but none of them review, which is kind of an author's bread and butter, not the sales. My street team is filled with an amazing group of ladies and a gent, and without them I don't know where my reviewers would come from. They make me find the strength to continue because I know that no matter how small, there are people that find joy in my work. 

But can such a small number really be enough to validate my publisher keeping me on (dear lord I hope so LOL), or my personal life taking a backseat to the characters  who would be just as content if I closed my eyes and imagined their stories instead of writing them down? Does that make me a failure? A lesser author? Someone who should learn when to  quit and throw in the towel?


I may not have found my fans on social media the way many authors have (and many more still struggle to). My books touch people. Do I have hordes of fans gnashing their teeth to get my next book? Nope, not yet. But they are there and they do review when they happen to stumble across my work. I will continue to share the craziness that falls out of my head until there isn't a platform for doing so. :D 

To all those that might be in a similar position to me, I urge you not to give up. Ignore all the doubt and anything that makes you feel like you aren't as important as the other indie authors in your library or your friends list. Keep pushing. Keep weaving incredible worlds, make dazzling promo and soon enough, we'll all have left our mark in whatever way we wish.


The characters have taken over!

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There is a common phenomenon that occurs to authors that I thought I was immune from — the characters behaving in ways that you didn't even think possible. By this I mean that I have read a handful of teasers of mine and realized, I didn't remember writing the passage. Not a single word, not a single page of some chapters. It was almost as it the characters pushed me out of my mind to write their own stories.


Yes, I know many authors say this happens. However, as someone who needs everything to be just so, I had always assumed that while the characters could control my flow, they couldn't ever have me write something I was unaware of. I bet you're thinking, "oh she's probably only just had it happen for the first time." Ironically, it's been happening since the very first story I ever completed, Torn Between Two Worlds. IIf you read through any of books, there should be a word utterly absent from them, pussy. I personally cannot STAND that word. It is just unclassy to me, no judgment to anyone who loves it, just a personal thing. So when I was doing re-edits, my jaw dropped so fast it made my head spin when I saw this passage from Stryder.




A second finger joined the first, and her hand wrapped around his shaft, pumping the thick erection in time with his strokes. She cried out when his fingers slipped free of her body seconds before she was about to shatter. She opened her eyes to look at him and went to grab his head when she felt the scruff of his unshaved face brush against her inner thigh. His tongue rasped across the sensitive flesh of her clit, and her thighs squeezed together. His erection slipped from her hands as she was lost in sensation.


Mewls of need and desire escaped from her throat as he alternated between long licks across her pussy and deep thrusts of his tongue inside her. Her hands were fisting in his hair, tugging him closer, pushing his tongue farther inside.


"Stryder!" His name a desperate cry on her lips, and she felt him laugh, the vibration causing her hips to buck and impale deeper on his wicked tongue.


She was almost to the point of thrashing about as he licked her, putting more and more pressure behind each stroke of his tongue. Ciara bit down on her lower lip as her orgasm shot through her and she tasted blood as she tried to stop her shout from being heard by all awake. He continued to lap at her until she was shaking. When he retreated from between her thighs, he grinned wickedly at her.


"Oh no, you don't get to do that to me, to torture me and make me come like that without some of your own, Guardian." Sliding off the counter to sink to her knees, she heard a chair scrape across the floor as he pushed it back and sat down, the smirk still on his face.




The issue didn't stop with Stryder, though it wasn't occuring every book. Worlds on Fire passed uneventfully. Julian and Serena were exactly who I wanted them to be, exactly who they wanted to be. Then came Lucius, in Nightmare in Steam. There cannot possibly be a better example of a character taking over. Lucius was always meant to be cowardly. As a hero, he had to be sexy to an extent, but I'd never intended for him to behave in any manner that he did, but he was determined to be the best (and hottest) male ever for his Eliza. Five books later, he's still forcefully shoving himself into the Alliance of Silver & Steam stories, often making himself the undeniable hero, stealing the spotlight from the actual hero. Curious what I mean? Read this steamy slice, when Lucius first told me "there is no way in hell I'll be anything but the fucking best in bed."




As she stared out the window, she saw his hand raise and land slightly above hers on the solid glass window. She must have touched it to confirm it was truly there. His low growl in her ear as he nipped the bottom of it sent wetness between her legs. She squirmed, pushing her backside against his cock and shuddering when he reached between them and held himself. She could feel him stroking his shaft, feel as his hand stroked up the thick length and bumped the small of her back.


“Come now, Eliza.”


His free hand wrapped around her waist and turned her to him. Her startled gasp changed to a sigh of pleasure as he turned her and ran a finger along her clit. Her hips bucked, even as her hand fell off the window as she turned to him. The motion caused his finger to slip inside her folds. His growl was more like a purr as he stroked along her inner core.


“Damn, Eliza, you’re wet enough to bring me to my knees to taste you and see if you taste of chocolate to match your smell.”


Her head fell back as he used his knee to push her legs farther apart. She trembled under his touch, shook with need and longing to complete what she wanted. Sex. It was a dream, no one would ever know, and she wasn’t a virgin anyway. She wanted it all with Lucius, and she wanted it in this dream. The heat, the desire, the pulsing of her sex when she came screaming his name.


Small whimpers escaped from her as he rubbed the head of his cock against her entrance in small circles that had her seeing a multitude of colors instead of him. Reaching down, she ran her finger slowly down his cock before wrapping her hand around him. She could hardly close it around his thick cock, and the thought sent a wave of liquid between her legs. He grunted and pushed her until her arse pressed against the cold window.


His hips bucked against her, and he dragged his teeth along her neck before he swirled his tongue over the same spot. Her cry was a tangle of pleasure and need while his fingers stroked her. The head of his prick nudged her entrance, and she spread her legs wider, sliding down a little as she got lower to the ground.


He hesitated as she pushed against him, taking him deeper. His groan echoed in her ears, and he took control back again as he buried himself balls deep inside her. His hand traced a path down her chin and pulled her eyes to his. She rolled her hips, urging him forward, knowing that if he stopped, she would shatter with or without him.






Book after book, I've noticed small instances where the characters pushed me out of the way and not only told their story but did so in ways I didn't think I could have been the author of. Some things were far too profound for me to believe I wrote, others were emotions I've never felt, yet wrote so spot on I can't figure out how I did it. Which lead me to the final realization that the characters were not only telling their stories, but they were doing so in such a way that I was channeling things I should not have been able to, making the stories perfect in a way I could never imagine.


What the Steam Brings tackles not only a genre I wasn't overly sure I could do, but a topic that needed to be handled delicately. I wrote the story in a little over 3 hours and had no idea until I began to record the audio, that I had written one of the most tragically beautiful pairings ever. It was a romance that transcended time, and one that made me rethink the next steps for the series because Tristan became so much more than I'd ever intended, there is simply no way Isabella can continue being the female romantic lead as the series continues, as I'd originally intended.




Mi amore,” Tristan said as his mouth closed over hers.


Passion flooded through her, as white-hot and strong as it had been the final time they’d touched in that manner. Her body was slowly turning to fire, remembering the play of his fingers over her bare skin, and the way his prick felt as it drove in and out of her body.


“You have not given anything to the mages for this? No payment, no servitude?” He searched her eyes pleadingly.


She shook her head, feeling the tears slip down her cheeks. “Much is different in this life now. The mages won the battle. Their services are charged to those that can afford them, but they were not without kindness. Those of us widowed in the battle were granted much, including adalliance with our lost love. Even if it could only last but a short time.”


“If all we have is precious moments, I do not want to squander them speaking of silly changes. I will spend them in your arms, in your body, reminding you of all the love you still have, even if I am not by your side to give it.”


His mouth moved over hers once more as he pushed the fallen strands of hair from in front of her face. He greedily deepened the kiss as his hands wound around her back. His touch was as it had always been. The same as if they had not been separated for so long and he weren’t simply a spirit.






From Rise of Silver - where Layel grew to be a character I have never imagined despite having had him in 4 other books - to my most recently finished piece, Something Borrowed, it happens time and time again. And so I've learned that not everything is in my control. I think it's better that way - that the characters can take over so completely I'm in awe of scenes when I read them back. It's somewhat frightening to be at the mercy of them in so many ways, but I absolutely think it makes for better reading. So until next week's blog, I'll let my newest set of characters take the wheel and tell their story.





Welcome to 2017!

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Hello, hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful day 2 of 2017! I know I've been unforgivingly quiet on this blog - but I have a failry good excuse, and a promise that it will not happen again.

2016 was a wonderful year - I welcomed the birth of my first child, Aidan Cain Bissonnette. Isn't he too adorable to not drop in a photo collage of him? He was 7 months old on Christmas and we're still having all sorts of wonderful advertures. Unfortunately, along with being a new mom, I've suffered from quite a few post partum complications. In an attempt to keep my books on schedule for my wonderful readers - my website and newsletter took a backseat. If you follow on me on Facebook or Instagram, you likely didn't even notice I took a small hiatus because I'm always updating those!

2016 was also he's a rough year for the family. In early November, Tweedle passed away surronded by myself and Nova as he took his final breath. He was one of the hardest "sells" of my life, as I had convinced my parents almost 16 years ago that we did indeed need a third dog. Tweedle was a fierce protector , lover of butt scratches and giving kisses. His loss hit me hard, as he was technically my dad's dog when my father was alive. 

It did allow us to welcome home our newest family member just before Christmas - Flash. Aidan loves him, when Flash isn't puppy nipping his toes. Nova loves him - the pair of them play for hours on end and I'm so happy she took to him. For any of you that do follow on my social media accounts, you've likely seen how much of a terror Nova can be - think Marley from Marley and Me. Well, she lost that pep in her step for the month and half she was the only dog and I'm thrilled to report she's back to her hyper-active, destructive ways.

In the book world, 2016 was as fruitful as the years that came prior. Despite working slower due to a hellish pregnancy, a newborn and living in New Orleans with all its temptations, I released so many wonderful books. Which ones you ask - I'm glad you did! Click on the title for more information, and too see which ones are in audio!

Silver Wings (Alliance book 4)

Magic of Worlds (Guardians book 3)

Love Below (In Service, USN story)

The Client

Angels in Steam (Alliance book 4.5)


Worlds of Frost (Guardians book 3.5)

The Instructor's Christmas Wish (Christmas Wish book 3)

Currents of Silver (Alliance of Silver and Steam book 5)

2017 is off to a start and I'm working on edits for one of my projects already! This year will bring about the end of the Alliance series and I'm sad to see it end, but it's grown way past the initial 4 books I had planned and I'm so blessed to have had wonderful characters. This Christmas I'm hoping to bring you not 1, but 2 new releases and I cannot wait. Not to mention the In Service series and Guardians have a lot in store this year as well and 3 secret anthology projects! My promise to you all this year is to not dwell on the failings of my past. I've learned and grown and become embitterend over many things and I cannot allow that to shade this wonderful new year before us. My blog and newsletter are back in full force and I've found a new way to do release prizes, a way that will hopefully increase my ability to spread the word about my new books and meet wonderful new readers. I even have a book signing in NOLA in May!

With that being said, I wanted to drop off some important links beyond the social media links that appear all over my site!

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