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Let's Talk Releases

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So I tried really hard last year to blog monthly . . . I didn't realzie how incredibly HARD that was going to be! I had an infant, a new city, a full time job and a social life. Blogging was hard. Why was it hard? Because I had no clue if people were reading it. Sure, I can look at stats, but that just means someone opened the page and scrolled down. I didn't see any comments, and it let me slip into a "boo hoo me" moment.



It's a horrible excuse, but if I'm honest, it's rough putting yourself out there and not knowing if you're getting your links out in the world. And since I know my books reach people, I dove headfirst into writing my stories and focusing on that. I'm back now - because I miss blogging and communicating with potential readers! So as a mea cupla for everything, simply comment on this blog post to win a free copy of my newest release!

Now, that I've apologized and enticed you with a freebie, let's talk releases! I used 2017 largely as an experimental year. I was apart of multiple boxsets, wanting to reach new readers as well as partner with some of my favorite authors. Seriously, boxsets are the coolest way to get to know an author because you learn about their process and get a free read :D



I am so excited that I did because I learned so much from the process and gained so many new author friends. If I reached even a few new readers, that's for sure a win! So what is 2018 about, now that we're almost 2 months in? Well, it's a combination year. I still have a few box sets to participate in. I have series that I KNOW need my attention and new series to start. So without further ado, let the release schedule roll!



While the goal was to focus on open series and finish them, I did have a few stories slam their way to the front, pushing my two favorite series out of the publication list this year. But don't worry - the Guardians and Alliance stories are outlined and WILL be told.


�� Cogs & Corsets - RT steampunk set, information not yet set
�� Clockwork Wings - April 3,2018
�� Gaslights & Graves - featuring City of War - May 18th, 2018
��A Heavenly Kind of Love - July 9, 2018 to coincide with an in bookstore event!!!
��Historical set - featuring Weaved in Time - August 14, 2018
��Delta Dog - October 12, 2018
��Christmas in the City: New Orleans - December 3, 2018
�� Cogs & Corsets - RT steampunk set, information not yet set
�� Clockwork Wings - April 3,2018
�� Gaslights & Graves - featuring City of War - May 18th, 2018
��A Heavenly Kind of Love - July 9, 2018 to coincide with an in bookstore event!!!
��Historical set - featuring Weaved in Time - August 14, 2018
��Delta Dog - October 12, 2018
��Christmas in the City: New Orleans - December 3, 2018

I've also gotten an idea of what 2019 will look like too!

�� Second Chance Worlds (Guardians book 5)
��End of Worlds (Guardians book 6 . . . the end!)
�� Distrupting the Steam (Alliance book 6 . . . the end!)
�� Once Hexed OR The Race 
�� Cyber Match
�� Christmas in the City [location chosen by my street team]

There you have it, 2 years of smexy reading release goodness! Hopefully, with my little man getting older, I'll have more time to myself to maybe even sneak something else in. 
So don't forget, comment away for your free ebook; no limit on the number of winners. Catch you all on the flip side . . . aka the next blog. 
OR keep in touch sooner, head on over to my" target="_blank"> street team for more free reads, fun stuff and giveaways. You know you want too....





How much do you love the Vampire Diaries?

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I know it's been . . . well . . . forever! I'm truly sorry for that and bummed I did so well with my resolution to blog for 4nearly 5 months and than failed. Hopefully you're following me on Facebook or Instagram so you've been seeing all the awesomeness! Or maybe you haven't, but want to be more connected and join my street team? Think teasers, free books and giveaways, all for hanging out with little old me.

Regardless, I decided I needed to do a nice beefed up newsletter to share off not only my cover, but every cover in the Bennett Witch Chronicles Kindle World! Are you ready? Hello, readers . . . 


Bonnie Bennett has finally finished her trip around the world to “find herself”, only to realize that where she’s always belonged is Mystic Falls - and returning home was as eventful as ever. Immediately thrown into the search for Caroline’s girls, the pair find themselves in the Crescent City with none other than the Mikaelsons.


While there a witch offers her everything she’s ever wanted - Enzo. All Bonnie has to do is a small bit of magic that she’s promised won’t unleash hell, sirens or anything else her past self has already extinguished. There is a cost, but the witch won’t share until Bonnie agrees to help the Big Easy with its current debacle.


Nothing is ever without a cost, but life with Enzo is more than Bonnie can walk away from. Bonnie faces her hardest decision yet, and her choice could be New Orleans’ undoing.



I'm super excited to share my first newsletter ever around The Vampire Diaries! I read this series when I was in 8th grade. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't say I feel in love. There were many cliche pitfalls, and it was also a young adult novel; and by 8th grade I was typically snuggling down with Sherrilyn Kenyon or Susan Sizemore's adult romances. Did you read the books and love them? My personal LJ Smith favorite was The Forbidden Game - I still fantasy cast that book with myself and friends when I'm bored (shh don't tell!)


Cue almost 10 years later when the TV show came out. I wasn't sold. Sure the casting seemed good, but nothing was WOWing me. Still, I'm one of those people that have to watch a show (or read a book series) until the end. So I kept watching. Episode after episode I was falling more and more in love with the world brought to life on the screen. I couldn't help but see a little of myself in Caroline and Elena; a more subdued mix, but a mix nonetheless. By season 2 I was hooked. I had my favorites, my couples to ship and I just kept watching. Now, I would be lying if I didn't state right here and now, that my ultimate couple is Caroline and Klaus. I loved Elena and Damon, and hated Caroline and Stephen. So where did Bonnie fit in?


Honestly, she was kind of not on my radar as a character that mattered. Not until Enzo stepped in the and became what he was at the end of the show. I was swept off my feet the moment he looked at Bonnie with more love in his eyes than I've ever thought possible from an actor to an actress. My heart hurt every time he was taken away from her, and slowly, she became the character to root for. Over and over her life and loves were stolen. I didn't want to see it happen again with Enzo. Well, if you're interested in the Kindle World Series that takes place after the show, I don't have to tell you that I for one, DESPISED their ending. So in my story, The Crescent City, there's a little peek at what my home city, New Orleans, can offer Bonnie Bennett just when she thinks she doesn't need anything.

WANT MORE? Keep scrolling!

With her magic restored, her best friends living happily ever after together as humans,
and the love of her life waiting patiently for her on the other side,
Bonnie Bennett is not going to just sit around and let her life pass her by.

She’s off to see the world!

Join Bonnie as she journeys around the globe,
encountering supernaturals in the most unexpected of places.  













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Shifting Around

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Hello there! It's been quite a long month. I'm sorry I've been so quiet, but there was a ton of decisions to make and things to set in motion in order to bring my works back into the world. Plus, I had a brand new release last month (check it out!). While it is a slow process and absolutely no content changes are occuring, each book from previous publisher is getting a polish and sign from tightening my grammar to shiny new formatting. Slowly but surely they will all be live before the end of April 2017.

Which brings me to the point of this post - release dates. I know, I know, I teased you with this epically long list a few months ago. Unfortunately, that list is going to shrink and some dates will change. This is because I want to dedicate my time to the cleaning up and republishing of past novels before moving onto new books in those series. Without further ado, here is the new and improved release schedule for the remainder of 2017!

April 18 - "Something Borrowed" in Wedding Dreams Anthology (" target="_blank">Preorder it now)

May 29 - Forgotten Worlds (Guardians book 4)

Summer - "Last Summer" featured in The Summer of Us Anthology

Fall - High Heat antholgoy featuring "Rise of Silver & Steam"

October 23 - Paranormal box set featuring a secret project 

November 20 - Disrupting the Steam (Alliance of Silver & Steam book 6)

December 3 - The Christmas Pup (A standalone m/m novel)

I'm super excited to dive back into existing series and write a handful of anthology projects for the upcoming year. It's a wonderful experience broadening my wings with anthologies after so much time away from collaborating with other authors on them. I know I cut out a Christmas novel and an In Service short, but I hope you'll forgive me for that as it's best for the quality if I don't overdo my release schedule since at this point (gasp) only 2 of those projects are complete! ;)

Thank you to everyone for sticking by my side as I made a huge change, went silent for almost a month and started picking myself up and getting back together after the sad task of leaving an amazing publisher to explore self publishing.



Announcements Galore!

Posted on February 16, 2017 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (1)

I skipped writing the blog last week because I knew I had big things to discuss this week - and really - I had no idea what to write about as my creative juices were on a vacation while I took care of Aidan during his second cold (which we actually found out today was just a nose virus, but it was still so rough to see him all congested and suffering). I promise, this blog is a wallop of information coming at you to make up for it!

I'm going to start with the small annoncement to build up the anticipation for a monstrous sized one! I have a fun new author logo! A little bit ago I'd expressed how I wanted to create a fun and quirky logo that represented me, if not all of my novels. I knew this was going to be rough since I play in so many diffent subgenres in the romance world. My tagline "Making Worlds Collide" fits all my novels, but I knew a logo designed to reflect me specifically would not. I'd been trying to figure out how to have a steampunk octopus holding a book with my logo and tagline properly written out. Well, the amazing Nancy Colbert of Colbert Creative came to rescue. Say hello to Theo! I love him to bits and am so excited to put him on pretty things!

Now for the really big announcement. I have parted ways with CHBB Publishing and imprint family. It was a very hard decision, and I am so honored and grateful to the woman and company who gave me my dream of being a published author. I will, as I did before being signed, continue to support them from the sidelines and cheer on my amazing friends and wonderful authors no matter what. I know the house will continue to go onto amazing things.

What does it mean for me? It means that starting in a few days, my CHBB published titles will not be availble for a period of time. My Februray 25th planned release of Prison Drop is pushed back slightly to make certain my books are down first so I do not break the In Service contract. After that, I will be deciding what to do on a case by case basis with my series books - though I'm more than positive I will take the self publishing route rather than shop previously published titles to agents and publishing houses as I know it is a long shot and I'd prefer to only show fresh works.

Thank you to everyone at CHBB for all their supprot and the chance at my dream. Thank you to all my readers for falling in lvoe with my worlds and I hope you will all stick with over the next month or so while I make my way into the self publishing world full time. I'm grateful for every step of this journey that began with an acceptance letter in Febrary of 2014 and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me as I turn to this new page.

Keep up to date with everything on my author page and I'll see you all on the other side in just a few months!

Ready to Read?

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Hello everyone! With 2017 two weeks in I thought this week's blog post ought to be about my release scheudle! Yup, I've been hiding this bad boy while I hammered everything out with my publisher and anthology contributions - having a baby can make things tough, having medical needs makes it tougher! It would seem that 2017 is a year for military romances. The past two years I've released 1-2 In Services series a year and a hero here and there might have been military. In 2017 there are 4 books with military heros! Yup, that's quite a lot of uniformed goodness this year, I hope you're ready for them.


Without futher ado, here is the schedule!


January 19, 2017 - Amongst the Fea (Standalone Novella)


February 7, 2017 - "Christmas Soldier" featured in To See You Again: A WW2 Romance Anthology


February 25 2017 - Prison Drop (In Service, Army)


April 18, 2017 - "Something Borrowed" featured in Wedding Dreams Boxset


April 30, 2017 - Forgotten Worlds (Guardians book 4)


May 9, 2017 - Delta Dog (In Service, Marines)


August 10, 2017 - Disrupting the Steam ( Alliance of Silver and Steam book 6)


October 15, 2017 - Clockwork Wings (Steampunk Standalone Short)


December 5, 2017 - The Christmas Pup (m/m christmas stand alone)


I hope you'll come along with me again in 2017, my third year of having the honor of being a published author - both indie and small press. What would a release schedule be with a little tease of the covers? Not much fun, of course! Check out a few of these pretties.


Don't forget, in 2017 I'm hosting all non-anthology release parties in a private" target="_blank">Facebook group. Ask to join for fun, teasers and of course, prizes!












Welcome to 2017!

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Hello, hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful day 2 of 2017! I know I've been unforgivingly quiet on this blog - but I have a failry good excuse, and a promise that it will not happen again.

2016 was a wonderful year - I welcomed the birth of my first child, Aidan Cain Bissonnette. Isn't he too adorable to not drop in a photo collage of him? He was 7 months old on Christmas and we're still having all sorts of wonderful advertures. Unfortunately, along with being a new mom, I've suffered from quite a few post partum complications. In an attempt to keep my books on schedule for my wonderful readers - my website and newsletter took a backseat. If you follow on me on Facebook or Instagram, you likely didn't even notice I took a small hiatus because I'm always updating those!

2016 was also he's a rough year for the family. In early November, Tweedle passed away surronded by myself and Nova as he took his final breath. He was one of the hardest "sells" of my life, as I had convinced my parents almost 16 years ago that we did indeed need a third dog. Tweedle was a fierce protector , lover of butt scratches and giving kisses. His loss hit me hard, as he was technically my dad's dog when my father was alive. 

It did allow us to welcome home our newest family member just before Christmas - Flash. Aidan loves him, when Flash isn't puppy nipping his toes. Nova loves him - the pair of them play for hours on end and I'm so happy she took to him. For any of you that do follow on my social media accounts, you've likely seen how much of a terror Nova can be - think Marley from Marley and Me. Well, she lost that pep in her step for the month and half she was the only dog and I'm thrilled to report she's back to her hyper-active, destructive ways.

In the book world, 2016 was as fruitful as the years that came prior. Despite working slower due to a hellish pregnancy, a newborn and living in New Orleans with all its temptations, I released so many wonderful books. Which ones you ask - I'm glad you did! Click on the title for more information, and too see which ones are in audio!

Silver Wings (Alliance book 4)

Magic of Worlds (Guardians book 3)

Love Below (In Service, USN story)

The Client

Angels in Steam (Alliance book 4.5)


Worlds of Frost (Guardians book 3.5)

The Instructor's Christmas Wish (Christmas Wish book 3)

Currents of Silver (Alliance of Silver and Steam book 5)

2017 is off to a start and I'm working on edits for one of my projects already! This year will bring about the end of the Alliance series and I'm sad to see it end, but it's grown way past the initial 4 books I had planned and I'm so blessed to have had wonderful characters. This Christmas I'm hoping to bring you not 1, but 2 new releases and I cannot wait. Not to mention the In Service series and Guardians have a lot in store this year as well and 3 secret anthology projects! My promise to you all this year is to not dwell on the failings of my past. I've learned and grown and become embitterend over many things and I cannot allow that to shade this wonderful new year before us. My blog and newsletter are back in full force and I've found a new way to do release prizes, a way that will hopefully increase my ability to spread the word about my new books and meet wonderful new readers. I even have a book signing in NOLA in May!

With that being said, I wanted to drop off some important links beyond the social media links that appear all over my site!

**To receive my newsletter with exclusive content, new releases and giveaways (not to mention a free book when you sign up!), please sign up now.

**Don't want to miss out on new release giveaways? Join the new Facebook Group - but don't turn notifications off or you'll miss it all!

**Join my offical Street team for free reads, teasers and first access to book secrets.

Now as a thank you to you all for reading through my ramblings, if you've made it this far, send am email to: [email protected] with the subject line "Blog Post Freebie" to receive a FREE ebook! Yup, you're getting a free ebook just for reading my random chatter. Hope to see you all on this journey with me throughout 2017! Make worlds collide from parnaomral romance to heartwrenching contemporary tales, there's something for every romance lover and I hope my work brings joy to anyone who reads them.



It Will Continue!

Posted on January 22, 2016 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

The Alliance of Silver Steam is not ending with Silver Wings!


Many of you know that Rise of Silver & Steam was a complete after thought. Well, now there are 3 more novels coming and a series of slices of slice (FREE with this newsletter!). I'm so excited to get to continue these stories and show you just what happens after the devastating war that the Alliance of Silver and Steam had to cover up. Especially because Layel has been demanding to get his very own HEA since around October of 2014 and now he will have one!!

Every month, beginning in March 2016, there will be a slice of life short (anywhere from 2,500 words to 5,000 words) released via my newsletter for free! Why? Because there is going to be a very large time jump that I feel needs some filling in! So be on the lookout for your first tidbit - which will feature Kellan and Seraphina navigating what has become of them!

I'll slowly be revealing information about each book as we get closer to the actual release dates but I thought I'd leave you with the images of couples that are gracing the stunning covers that Dreams2Media created!

I hope you are all as excited as I am to see the Alliance continue on! Keep an eye out for updates, or join my newsletter by clicking here, so that you can keep getting the announcements weeks before I post them here!

Do Something Sexy...

Posted on December 9, 2015 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (1)

Now if you'll direct your attention away from the drool-worthy six packs (or the thick book he's holding ;)) I'll explain why this is important to an author. Reviews do so much more than give you a chance to voice your opinion - which is awesome anyway. They allow you to truly help an author. First and foremost (to me at least) is knowing that I've reached readers. Whether your review is talking about how much my books touched your heart or you're cursing me out for too much sex scenes, I love knowing that my books made it onto people's kindles and stirred a reaction in them. I will admit, I write because it's what it's my head and heart. However, without readers to enjoy my work, there's no point in pushing these ideas out from the space in my brain! Hearing from you in any fashion makes the dream so much better.

Of course, there is more than that. Reviews help with sales. When a review is posted on (or a blog) it reaches other readers. A great cover and a stirring blurb are wonderful, but people like opinions. Opinions good and bad help to sell books, which allows the author time and money to continue to write them! Always a plus, right?

It doesn't stop there though. Reviews are always required to help authors with promotion.  Typically, it requires 10 with a 4.5 rating, but Amazon requires 50!!

Think it sounds easy? You're wrong.

I have a street team of 34 amazing people that review books early and most of my stories only have 4 reviews. Why? Because not everything will appeal to everyone of course!  Sales could lead to more reviews, but it seems most readers don't know how important they are. I know I've sold more than 10 copies of each book ;). When a book hits 50 reviews on Amazon they start to include it to interested parties in emails, on your homepage as recommended and as suggested books on other pages. It's an important resource because not all readers live on Facebook or other social media platforms to see our ads.


Starting today (December 9th, 2015) if you leave a review of one of my books on any Amazon platform (does not include blogs or goodreads) and email the the link to it [email protected] I'll send you the next book in the series FREE!! Yes, you did read that properly. This will of course only apply once per series. Please note this is in no way seeking positive reviews. Review it however you want and all reviews count.

Guess that means there's only two things left to do - read and review! 



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As you know I've gotten my Alliance series signed and all set up for release. Demon in Steam marked the prequel to the series and the cover for that was difficult because sexy steampunk couples are exactly 0 in the stock market and I couldn't get any photographers responses. So while I LOVE the cover I made to bits, I knew it wasn't going to work thematically for the stand alone novels in the series.

With Nightmare In Steam almost fully written and 9 months until I need to do a cover reveal I decided I needed to get to it, knowing how hard it would be. The amazing lady behind the beautiful covers at Dreams2Media turned me onto a very special website, Period Images. This site is absolutely stunning. From the models to the chemistry between the models and the costumes I was drooling. Very soon I looked at my cart and I'd added over 15 images, none of which were actually Steampunk in nature but they were period specific and my brain came up with a nifty idea for how to make the cover work. Well as I was going I realized something - my brain was creating stories around the beautiful photos. Take a look at some of the ones I saved to my computer simply to look at them for outlining purposes and purchase later!


Now absolutely nothing has been outlined yet but awhile back I got the idea to do a Revolutionary War themed romance and this website provided me with so many cover options I think I was giddy just scrolling through them. What else came out of this? I don't know when I'll get to it since my muse has literally lined up 5 other series and 3 standalone ideas that I should probably conquer first, but I am obsessed with the idea of a time travel series now! So obsessed that my muse has already worked out the first story in the series and it would be the first series I've "thought up" where there will be no connecting thread other than the idea of time travel! Scary thought for me because I'm used to dreaming up stand alones that link up together in plot.


All that aside I think Nightmare in Steam may just be my favorite book yet. I've fallen in love with the main villain and Lucius has somehow managed to seduce me! I can't wait for you guys to get it in 2015! How about a quickie sneak peak at Seraphina, the mistress of all things evil for the entirety of the Alliance of Silver in Steam series.

© Lexi Ostrow, Nightmare in Steam (publication date April 8th, 2015)



The brush passed smoothly through the dark red strands of her hair. It always did. Even as a fallen her hair could never tangle, her looks could never be anything but perfection. Angels were always perfect, always beautiful and always masters of seduction. There were rumors that she’d heard from the humans; rumors that angels were chaste and pure. A smile curved on her lips at the ridiculous thought. Even when angels weren’t fallen they were anything but chaste. There also wasn’t a supreme deity pulling their strings. They simply existed. Just as demons did. They fought to keep demons from hurting humans simply because they felt it was their duty to protect those that could not protect themselves. But sex and seduction were always something they were known for. Along with the ability to be the perfect bed partner to whom ever they were with. Because again, they simply were perfect. A fallen angel was no different in their sexual habits. They just felt no love towards the humans and wanted them dead.


Seraphina was no exception.


She’d fallen over a hundred years ago, at the turn of the seventh century and she would never feel shame in her choice. She was never the most in love with the idea of protection, even before she fell. She’d wanted the angels to make the other, less important races their slaves. There had been no reason not too but she’d held her tongue for the sake of her lover, Demetrious. He was head of one of three battle sects- angels that specifically sought out demons acting out. Seraphina closed her eyes and briefly thought about Demetrious. His large, white wings were the first thing she pictured. Then the strong pectoral muscles, the way his purple eyes had looked at her while he pounded his body into hers, or the way he’d looked when he laughed. The jar of sleeping powder she held in her hand shattered as the images brought pain and hatred flowing through her. Her face morphed into an ugly snarl and she threw the glass pieces at the mirror, not bothering to move as one bounced back and slashed across her cheek. The blood was as dark as her hair as it dripped down her pale cheek. She kept watching as the skin stitched itself back together, but not before a drop of blood splashed near her feet on the floor. Angel blood was decadent, even the smallest drop could intoxicate someone and even as fallen they were careful to spill their own blood.


Demetrious had shared his blood with her often, not in a vampiric way but a few small drops before battle. It strengthened their communication while fighting and gave her a boost of strength to her own. But that connection came with a price. She’d felt as the human’s stupid knife slammed into his stomach as if it had been her own. Her knees had given out and a scream had torn past her lips so loud that many of the combatants near her had ceased to fight. She couldn’t get to him, couldn’t force her legs to move. The pain ran lines up and down her body and she could only have guessed the assholes had continued to jab their weapons into them. She’d felt the life drain from her lover just as the will to stay conscious left her body. When she’d awoken he was gone. Dead. When angels died they went to hell, a special section carved out just for angels like in the nasty underworld. They simply didn’t remain long. Once their energy drained from their soul they simply ceased to be, in any fashion.


So she’d fallen to find him and restore his soul in another’s body. Tore her wings from her back that very morning after seeing his body bloody and broken from a bar fight that demons had tricked humans into participating in. The pain as she tore each and every feather from her back during a six hour period was always with her. Always a source of motivation to go on when things felt to hard. Nothing was harder than falling by choice. And she’d done so for love. When she’d found Demetrious he’d been disgusted. Told her she was unclean and he would never touch her again. Rage had consumed her. She launched herself at him, had strangled him trying to wring the last life out of his soul. She’d succeeded and when her body had crashed into the ground because his had vanished, she’d sat there for what felt like days. Sat there and plotted. She was going to take humanity down for what it had done to her. And the only way she could do that was to get rid of Lucifer and make all angels fall so they couldn’t stand in the way. A century had passed before she’d managed to seduce the idiot to his death and she commanded all the demons in hell and above ground now. It wouldn’t be long until she took down the Alliance and began her reign of terror on the humans as she slowly killed every one of them on the planet.


A snore passed over to where she stood and Seraphina looked up at the mirror and smiled wickedly. Her latest bed partner, an ice demon, lay exhausted on the bed, snoring. The pleasant thrum in body from a delicious round of sex was the only reason she hadn’t slaughtered him when she’d finished coming. He’d been a willing partner as so many are for a taste of angel blood. She would let him live for his accomplishments, but only after she woke him and his tongue pleasured her from inside out to stop her from worrying if the coward Lucius was doing as he was ordered.



Torn Between Two Worlds Cover Reveal

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Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.54.03 PM

TBTW final cover

Her heart was torn differently than others, between two worlds. Her choice would affect her position in each.

Ciara Miller was born the same as others, but she got a little something extra. On her 14th birthday she learned she was a Word Speaker, someone who could create life from stories. Her gift is incomplete until her 27th birthday, before then all she can create is things she, and others like her can see. Evil wants her gift as well and the characters she choses to create become her Guardians against the unseen attackers that want to use her skill.

Stryder is a demon, created to be a backup plan for the Horseman of the Apocalypse, War. Since the day he learned he was nothing more than pawn he and his brothers had been seeking a way to betray hell and fight on the side of the angels. His world is torn apart again when he finds out he's nothing more than a story and given the option to protect a human female, Ciara, or die.

Ciara hates Stryder for replacing her former Guardian. But she cannot deny the lust and connection that rocked through her every time they touch. She could deny it all she wanted, but she belonged to Stryder and when they find themselves thrown into a war bigger than them both she must choose between her reality bound heart and her fantasy bound soul to save them.

10418283_10102206965056194_4292266587267935301_nExcerpt:  She jerked her head side to side and lifted her hand. A streak of fire licked down the tunnel, skimming over the glass and slamming into both men across from her. Three down, three to go. He didn't need War for this so he didn't bother accessing the link in their DNA.

“I really really fucking hope this shit can't be seen or melt that glass.” She was pale and he didn't blame her. But based on the reactions all people had seen was her raise her hand. Her sentence drew a startled look from the man next to her and he shoved her out of the way.

“Damn it Ciara!” He grabbed the female coming to him by the collar and slammed her head into the tank. Red spilled down her face and she dropped to the floor, alive but not an issue.

It wasn't until he was rounding on the final two that he felt the ground shake. He turned to Ciara and saw her just staring at the ground. The people around them were completely unshaken. Whatever was going on was only happening for them and he was a little tired of not knowing all the rules.

A second later he felt the heat behind him as he turned and saw Ciara, tears sliding down her face and a ball of fire the size of his head resting on her hand before she flicked her wrist and it flew at the last of their enemies. Sizzling and screams echoed because of the glass tunnel they were in.

PictureAbout the Author: Lexi Ostrow has been in love with the written word since second grade when her librarian started a writing club. 10411318_10102207581326184_135692069347999155_nBorn in sunny southern California she's spent time in various places across the country and can't wait to settle down somewhere in the French Quarter when she's able too.

Lexi has been a writer ever since the second grade in some form or another. Getting her degree in creative writing and her master's in journalism she couldn't wait to get a chance to put her fantasies down on paper. Her debut novel, Torn Between Two Worlds is something that was simmering in her mind since middle school and she's so grateful to put it out into the literary world. From paranormal romance to thriller there isn't a genre she doesn't love to spend her time reading or writing. Reading and writing are her first loves but her passion for shopping, love for yummy food and her love for all her many pets. She hopes to one day help other readers fall in love with writing as she did.    



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