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How much do you love the Vampire Diaries?

Posted on August 31, 2017 at 9:00 AM

I know it's been . . . well . . . forever! I'm truly sorry for that and bummed I did so well with my resolution to blog for 4nearly 5 months and than failed. Hopefully you're following me on Facebook or Instagram so you've been seeing all the awesomeness! Or maybe you haven't, but want to be more connected and join my street team? Think teasers, free books and giveaways, all for hanging out with little old me.

Regardless, I decided I needed to do a nice beefed up newsletter to share off not only my cover, but every cover in the Bennett Witch Chronicles Kindle World! Are you ready? Hello, readers . . . 


Bonnie Bennett has finally finished her trip around the world to “find herself”, only to realize that where she’s always belonged is Mystic Falls - and returning home was as eventful as ever. Immediately thrown into the search for Caroline’s girls, the pair find themselves in the Crescent City with none other than the Mikaelsons.


While there a witch offers her everything she’s ever wanted - Enzo. All Bonnie has to do is a small bit of magic that she’s promised won’t unleash hell, sirens or anything else her past self has already extinguished. There is a cost, but the witch won’t share until Bonnie agrees to help the Big Easy with its current debacle.


Nothing is ever without a cost, but life with Enzo is more than Bonnie can walk away from. Bonnie faces her hardest decision yet, and her choice could be New Orleans’ undoing.



I'm super excited to share my first newsletter ever around The Vampire Diaries! I read this series when I was in 8th grade. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't say I feel in love. There were many cliche pitfalls, and it was also a young adult novel; and by 8th grade I was typically snuggling down with Sherrilyn Kenyon or Susan Sizemore's adult romances. Did you read the books and love them? My personal LJ Smith favorite was The Forbidden Game - I still fantasy cast that book with myself and friends when I'm bored (shh don't tell!)


Cue almost 10 years later when the TV show came out. I wasn't sold. Sure the casting seemed good, but nothing was WOWing me. Still, I'm one of those people that have to watch a show (or read a book series) until the end. So I kept watching. Episode after episode I was falling more and more in love with the world brought to life on the screen. I couldn't help but see a little of myself in Caroline and Elena; a more subdued mix, but a mix nonetheless. By season 2 I was hooked. I had my favorites, my couples to ship and I just kept watching. Now, I would be lying if I didn't state right here and now, that my ultimate couple is Caroline and Klaus. I loved Elena and Damon, and hated Caroline and Stephen. So where did Bonnie fit in?


Honestly, she was kind of not on my radar as a character that mattered. Not until Enzo stepped in the and became what he was at the end of the show. I was swept off my feet the moment he looked at Bonnie with more love in his eyes than I've ever thought possible from an actor to an actress. My heart hurt every time he was taken away from her, and slowly, she became the character to root for. Over and over her life and loves were stolen. I didn't want to see it happen again with Enzo. Well, if you're interested in the Kindle World Series that takes place after the show, I don't have to tell you that I for one, DESPISED their ending. So in my story, The Crescent City, there's a little peek at what my home city, New Orleans, can offer Bonnie Bennett just when she thinks she doesn't need anything.

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With her magic restored, her best friends living happily ever after together as humans,
and the love of her life waiting patiently for her on the other side,
Bonnie Bennett is not going to just sit around and let her life pass her by.

She’s off to see the world!

Join Bonnie as she journeys around the globe,
encountering supernaturals in the most unexpected of places.  













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