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Hexed and Dangerous . . .

Posted on January 26, 2019 at 9:20 AM

2018 was committed to boxsets to gain new friends and readers. I loved it so much I couldn't help but throw my name into the hat of authors for  just one for the 2019 year! So without furtherado, I am happy to announce I have a story in the upcoming set Socercy and Shadows! Check out this beauty and grab your preorder for just 99¢ here!

Remember in 2017 when I attempted to launch Hexed in New Orleans series but ran out of time because the characters demanded a full lentth novel instead of a novella? Well, I'm happy to announce that project is my focus for 2019 and it will kick off with a prequel novel that sets up the brand new paranormal vs human world.

While I'm not doing a cover reveal just yet, I want to introduce you the story early - because I'm typing away and these characters are so much fun.

Hexed and Dangerous

A Hexed in New Orleans Prequel


The world is awake – vampires, witches, werewolves and more are real and outed in the human community. Fear runs deep, and a set of rules instituted by a small council are all that holds a fragile balance.


Ivy Lancaster knows the rules. Be prepared, be efficient and get out. That didn’t make going to council meetings more enjoyable. As the Witch Elect, she had far better ways to help her community stay at peace with humans than sitting on monthly board meetings. Too bad the Council of Supernaturals didn’t care.


One thing makes the meetings bearable.


Elijah Vikander has no love for the Council of Supernaturals. He was alpha, wolves answered to him, he didn’t answer to others. He could stop going, force the wolves to elect a beta member of the Crescent Pack, but then he couldn’t see the enchanting off-limits witch.


When a group of warlocks threaten to tear the proclamation down and take over the city, pairings are made to track and take the men down. Ivy and Elijah are forced into a coupling that will either destroy their worlds, or save the humans.

Once Hexed Twice Shy is a fantastic book 1, but the series needed something extra - the world grew so large I needed a way to introduce readers to it before I dropped them into the craziness of a hexed witch and her ex-boyfriend cop. What will this novel have? Secret romance, time travel and a curse that could end the whole world. Stay tuned for the cover reveal and a sneak peak coming soon!

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