Lexi Ostrow

Making Worlds Collide

Gaslights & Graves

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Features: City of War

Twelve years ago the Great Guilds put aside their rivalry and attempts for world control when a plague turned the sick into blood-thirsty beasts. Steam and Electricity no longer rivaled for world domination but collaborated on tools to save their world. That ended when betrayal struck both Guilds, leaving them to fight the war separately.

Raven Nightingale was thrust into leadership of the Steam Guild when a ruthless vampire attack left her father and older brother's dead. She was unprepared, and turned to the leader of the Electric Guild, Christopher Abbott, for help. On her way, she was attacked and left for dead.

Benjamin was smitten by the beautiful woman he found lying in the street just outside the guild mere feet from his Guildmaster. Posing as the head of the Electric Guild, he wooed her as best as he could, lying his way through things. Their growing feelings them to put aside differences and create great marvels until she learns the truth and terminates the alliance.

As the vampires announce their claim to London, Raven and Benjamin will have to unite the guilds once more, or allow their city to fall. Their feelings must come second in the race to save London, but the lies of the past may destroy their future.

Corset & Cogs

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Featuring: Demon in Steam

The London Underground, the Alliance of Silver and Steam is all that protects humans from demons.

Felicia Ganon is no stranger to the demons that lurk in the night. After her parents were murdered in front of her, the Alliance took her in and trained her. Vengeance became her only drive.

Greyston Westham is more than just the devilishly handsome captain of the Guard. He's an Incubus Demon who hunts his own kind because they have no use for lesser demons like himself.

When a murderer is running loose that only the Alliance can deal with, Felicia and Greyston are thrown together in a deadly game. Can she overcome her hatred of demons and give in to the relationship that will save her life? Or will Felicia's hatred be her doom?

Naughty Bedtime Stories: First Taste


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Features: Irish Sweets
Because baking sweets isn't all sugar and spice

Summary- Rissa Pembly is no a risk taker. Shy and reserved she makes the leap of a lifetime purchasing a pastry shop in Kilkenny Ireland.

Kieran O'Donnell is fresh off a medical leave with Interpol and not looking for anything but a new case when he spies the sexy American.

What will happen when Rissa and Kieran find themselves alone in her bakery during a beautiful Irish Storm?

To See You Again

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Featuring: The Christmas Solider

Natalie knew that serving as a combat nurse would break her hearts in unimaginable ways. Serving in Northern Ireland shortly after America entered the war, all she can dream of is getting the injured home safely for Christmas.

Pierce always assumed he wouldn't make it home from war - he just hadn't imagined enemy fire would have landed him in a medic camp. It took him moments to fall for his beautiful nurse and suddenly he wanted to return home, not the battle on the Atlantic.

The holidays stop for no man and all the pair want is to see Pierce safe at Christmas.


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Featuring:  Weaved in Time



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Features: Cyber Match

Matthew Cobral is CEO of the hottest company on the web, Cyber Room. Cyber Room finds sexual compatibility through cyber encounters instead of looking for a personality match. Matthew has been successful in everything but finding love for himself. He's never been tempted by his clients. Until Virginia. 

Virginia has been alone for three years, since her husband passed away. She'd never looked for love in person or on online. Until she heard about Cyber Room. While the conservative in her is nervous, she's ready to move and jumps into all Cyber Room offers.

When Matthew sees her profile he does the one thing he'd sworn he'd never do, use his company for personal gain. But when a cyber session goes awry, will Virginia still want the person on the other side of the screen.