Lexi Ostrow

Making Worlds Collide

The World Runs on Three Things.

City of Light & Steam

(City of War Book 1)

Coming  2020

Twelve years ago the Great Guilds put aside their rivalry and attempts for world control when a plague turned the sick into blood-thirsty beasts. Steam and Electricity no longer rivaled for world domination but collaborated on tools to save their world. That ended when betrayal struck both Guilds, leaving them to fight the war separately. 

 Raven Nightingale was thrust into leadership of the Steam Guild when a ruthless vampire attack left her father and older brother's dead. She was unprepared, and turned to the leader of the Electric Guild, Christopher Abbott, for help. On her way, she was attacked and left for dead. 

 Benjamin was smitten by the beautiful woman he found lying in the street just outside the guild mere feet from his Guildmaster. Posing as the head of the Electric Guild, he wooed her as best as he could, lying his way through things. Their growing feelings them to put aside differences and create great marvels until she learns the truth and terminates the alliance. 

 As the vampires announce their claim to London, Raven and Benjamin will have to unite the guilds once more, or allow their city to fall. Their feelings must come second in the race to save London, but the lies of the past may destroy their future.

City of Secrets & Shadow

(City of War Book 2)

Coming  2020

The world may have a weapon thanks to Raven Nightingale's work with Benjamin Abbott, but the war is only just beginning. 

City of War & Hope

(City of War Book 1)

Coming 2020

The world came together to create the ultimate weapon, but can they rid the world of the disease and bring peace and normalcy into a shattered world?