Lexi Ostrow

Making Worlds Collide

A Heavenly Kind of Love

Release Date: July 13, 2018

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Cassandra Marks had dedicated her life to helping orphaned children around the world find families - something she never truly had. Life was everything she'd expected it to be for a woman who lived to work. She was only thirty when her world was turned upside down with one sentence - "I'm sorry, we've confirmed you have breast cancer." Giving up was not an option, but fighting cancer was harder than she'd imagined. Her work with worldwide orphanages was put on hold as she had to focus on herself, not her dream job.

Not all humans received Guardian Angels; only those living a life that would leave a lasting impression on the world were so lucky. Gabriel, a direct descendant of the Archangel of the same name, lost his battle wings after he trusted a Fallen Angel and others died. He was saved from losing his wings entirely thanks to his father - but it meant becoming a Guardian Angel. His first charge was less than he hoped for, but he was committed to Cassandra Marks to prove he was worthy of returning to battle.

Gabriel and Cassandra should never have met, but with her life in danger, he's sent to Earth in human form to judge her and see if she is worthy. While there, he finds himself falling in love with a woman who is destined to die. It's up to him to convince his fellow Angels she is to live, and up to her to decide if she can handle being the woman to make a Guardian Angel fall.

Accidentally Linked

Release Date: January 20, 2019

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Noel is different than other DIB agents — she's part skinwalker and part witch. She's never fit in with the special agents tasked with stopping demons from destroying humanity, but it's either join or be killed for her half blood nature.

Jack got the wakeup call of his life when he stumbled upon the mayor of Las Vegas dead in a hotel room and another woman that looked just like the mayor shifting into someone else. Facing a mind wipe, he seeks to seduce the sexy witch casting it in order to escape.

A shift in focus leaves Noel and Jack linked in an unescapeable way. They'll have to get past their differences in order to do their jobs.

Amongst the Fae

(From Tales of the Fairy Anthology)

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Release Date: January 19, 2017

Enter the world of the fae with two interconnected short stories.

Features: Fairy Rules- The rules aren't meant to be broken

Bella has been a proper fairy her whole life. For twenty years she's followed every rule and duty bound her to her. Until she finds herself attracted to a human male and gets him hurt by her betrothed, She must choose between following the rules and following her heart to save the human male.

Darkness Rules-Darkness starts in the soul
Elerin's had his world ripped out from under him. Bella's betrayal brings out the darkness within him and none will be safe from his quest for revenge.

Clockwork Wings

Release Date: July 26, 2018

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The Darkness has spread over London, over the world. There may be no hope for humankind, except in a small fairy. A fairy that has merged with the heart of time and has wings like a clock and powers she could never imagine.

Devious Magic

Coming May 3, 2019

Irish Sweets

Coming March 7, 2019

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One baker. One Interpol agent. A whole lotta sweet.

Rissa risks it all to buy a bakery in her favorite Irish town. Leaving her quaint and safe life behind, she boards a plane to start the next part of her career.

Kieran risked his career turning on his informant. Shot and suspended, returning to work ranked top on his to-do list. Until he meets a beautiful, uptight American with a penchant for dirty novels.

A bus ride. An Irish storm and an accent made to drive women wild might prove to be more than Rissa can withstand, and everything Kieran wants.

Last Summer

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Release Date: February 16, 2018

After four years, Leslie and Jacob the typical high school sweetheart romance. Only instead of staying together, they’re each headed to different sides of the country for college. Parting ways after the summer ensures no broken hearts from distance, studies or even other people. One summer is all they have left—if they can bring themselves to say goodbye when it’s over.


(From the Fractured Fairy Tales anthology)

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Release Date: July 5, 2016

Sela has been left out her whole life despite being the youngest sibling the infamous trio of fairy godmother's that raised Aurora and helped Philip rescue the kingdom. Her sisters never had time for her and it had left her to grow up cold and unfeeling. Until she meets Alric and suddenly she feels.

Alric de Genise is second in command to Prince Philip and has no problem fighting off the evil that lurks. But when he find a beautiful woman laying injured in the forest he's taken by her and cannot figure out why. Against Philip's judgement he takes her back to the castle.

A dangerous bargain to raise the spirit of an evil enchantress gets out of control and who will be the one to stop it?

Something Borrowed

*from the USA Today Bestselling Box Set Wedding Dreams

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Adrianna couldn't be happier for her best friend, even if she'd been a bridezilla. When a last minute issue prevents the best man from arriving on time, her best friend's older brother, Jaxon, stands in for him and walks Adrianna down the aisle. A borrowed Best Man turns into a romantic encounter that is quickly complicated thanks to his career in the Marines.

Jaxon wasn't ready for Adrianna. He'd watched her grow up, and yet, he hadn't truly seen her until she'd met him at the end of the aisle in a pale purple dress. Years of a semi-friendship flamed into a one-night stand he didn't want to lose. His world was difficult, but he knew it was better with her in it.

What started as a simple wedding partnering was quickly turning into love. Communication and a short visit prove to Jaxon and Adrianna they were meant to be. They'll just have to make it to the end of Jaxon's deployment to see what something borrowed can really turn into.


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Release date: May 4, 2015


Bridget O’Casey dreamed of being a cop since she was a little girl. Unfortunately, her father didn’t want taking up his dangerous line of work. College was a bust and she found herself a successful model. Until her father was gunned down outside a local cop bar and her passion for following in his footsteps was reignited. She wanted revenge for his death and she felt joining the academy was the only way to properly do so. A night of partying before the biggest change her life could spell disaster when she finds out who the deadly handsome man was.

Jeremy Trellins is a high profile detective known for being perfect. When things got slightly out of control during a chase he was put on academy duty — something he wants less than nothing to do with. Finding out the woman he slept with the night before was one of the recruits was just the icing on the cake of his mistakes. Working side by side with her presents a problem, and he’s torn between desire and duty.

When a series of targeted shootings rock Southern California police stations the academy buckles down, deciding to push forward with training versus shutting down. Bridget will have to find a way to balance training, a not so secret relationship that could damage two careers and a killer that appears to have his sites set on her.

The Christmas Kiss

Coming for Christmas in July 2019

An innocent game of Spin-the-Bottle got real when I was supposed to kiss my best friend's little sister. I'd loved her since I could remember, but I couldn't do it with Lowell glaring at me, even as Kenzie Grant waited expectantly. Six months later, she tried to claim the kiss, only, fear of her brother's reaction had me stop her . . . again.

High school came and went. I dated. An accidental pregnancy and I thought marriage was the right thing to do. As expected it didn't work out.

Now it's three weeks till Christmas and I'm raising my son alone. Lowell comes to the rescue and invites us to celebrate with his family - telling me Kenzie never comes anymore.

Only, she walks in, all grown up, and beautiful as ever. I've been dreaming of her for far too long to let this Christmas pass without claiming a kiss.

Bradley Gunner broke my heart . . . twice. Still, I'd never gotten over him. News of his pregnancy and marriage hurt too much to stick around, so I left. Boston was perfect, except it didn't have him.

I went home to prove to him I'm better off, that I've forgotten my stupid attempts to kiss him when we were teens. Only, I walk in and there is he, handsome as ever and for some reason, alone.

I want to forget about him. I want to ignore the way we fit together perfect as ever. I want to enjoy Christmas without the temptation of the only man I've ever loved. I don't think I'm going to get what I want.

The Client

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Release Date: June 10, 2016

Charles, a top-notch lawyer, is known for defending criminals and getting them off without a hitch. Steven is a rich and rising to the top entrepreneur that has been falsely accused of embezzlement. An accusation that will destroy him if he can't get Charles to take his case.

There's something about Steven that appeals to Charles, something that makes him act of the ordinary and take the rather boring man on as his client. Trouble is, when they meet to discuss term,s the case is the last thing on their mind — and the only thing that either should care about.

The Crescent City

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Release Date: October 15, 2018

Isla Covington lost her entire world the night the Hellfire was unleashed. This might not have been so terrible, if she hadn't been next in line to be Coven Priestess, and inherit more powers than any one witch should wield. Without her mother and fiance to guide her, she ran from her magic, from her home.

Noah wandered the Otherside, the spirit world, making certain Isla stayed out of harm's way. He'd died of a sort once before and awoken as a Vampire. The second time he'd not had a failsafe. Death was not strong enough to separate the pair, even if he moved in the shadows unknown to Isla. He'd spent years ensuring she found herself, and did not take her life to be with him. Even if it meant torturing himself with what he could not have.

Isla's godsons go missing, forcing her to return home - to return to her magic. The path leads her to a city of pure magic, and a witch who claims she can bring back the dead - for a price. All that stands between Isla and Noah is one tiny spell. A tiny spell which could destroy New Orleans.

The Christmas Soldier 

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Release Date: November 7, 2018

Natalie knew serving as a combat nurse would break her heart in unimaginable ways. Serving in Northern Ireland shortly after America entered the war, all she can dream of is getting the injured home safely for Christmas.

Pierce always assumed he wouldn't make it home from war - he just hadn't imagined enemy fire would land him at a medic camp. It took him mere moments to fall for his beautiful nurse, and suddenly he wanted to return home, not the battle on the Atlantic.

The holidays stop for no man, and all the pair want is to see themselves safe at Christmas.

What the Steam Brings

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Release date: May 4, 2015

When the mages stepped out of the shadows the only way to deal with them was war. And war meant loss.

Isabella gained much in the world the mage’s opened up to London. The mage’s created things beyond their imaginations, some with magic, and others with steam. However, she lost the only thing that mattered—her husband.

When able to use a kindness from the mage guild, she does not hesitate to bring Tristan back for one final steamy encounter.

Weaved in Time

Release Date: February 13, 2019

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Jessica Waters ran from a failed relationship, not because she didn't want to be alone, because of what her reaction to it was - understanding. Moving from New York City to New Orleans wasn't without complications, but thanks to her Father's fortune, the hardest part was convincing the state museum to hire her as a docent so she could earn her way. An ominous warning puts a damper on her otherwise tedious lifestyle, but she writes it off as merely New Orleans shenanigans.

Tristan Marquis, Duke over the largest portion of land in 1818 France has his world was ripped away when a raid left his wife, love of his life, dead. To preserve their love he sought out a gypsy curse to ensure he never fell to a woman's seduction again.

When Jessica trips and her hand lands on the Tapestry of Winters she finds herself in 1818 France with a sword in her face. Together, Jessica and Tristan must seek a way to send her home. Passion flares and when a magical secret exposes a truth, complications arise and they'll have to decide: live together or live in their own century.